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Ideafy provides methods, software and services to boost enterprise innovation.

Did you know?

Innovative companies are more successful and deliver greater shareholder returns than peers in their industry. CEOs of the top 100 most innovative companies know that their success relies on three factors: innovative people, an innovation process and a culture of innovation.
Sources: BCG Innovation 2010 report, The Innovator's DNA (Harvard Business School Press)

C-level executives looking to maximize their innovation ROI need to :

  • Work on developing innovation skills and behavior of their key people
  • Implement innovation processes and tools tailored to their business
  • Spark a culture of innovation making it everyone's job

Our flagship product, Ideafy™, offers a set of innovation methods and processes embedded in a collaborative software platform as well as a comprehensive palette of services from innovation coaching and training to software development services. Ideafy™ helps enterprises design and run tailored innovation programs to improve their innovation leadership while saving money and sparking an innovation-oriented culture among employees and external contributors.

Ideafy LLC is a proud member of the NG connect program ( Alcatel-Lucent sponsored program to invent next generation products and services ) and is also part of SEMIA's incubation program through its operations in France, known as Taiaut SAS.


and tools

Boost the innovation performance of your business and save time and money! Our applications eliminate the need for costly travels and make idea generation and management easy. Brainstorm, share discuss and expand ideas. Collaborate with other users during brainstorming sessions or on innovative projects. Access your content anywhere, at any time and from any device.


Ideas made easy.

Innovation management application for browsers and tablets

Never run out of ideas any more. Look up a broad database of public ideas, ask your friends or use the embedded brainstorming engine to craft new ones.

Random scenarios will guide you to devise original ideas that address real customer pain points.

Learn as you ideate: the application contents provide useful information and explanations of newest technologies

Save your ideas as they may become applicable later in a different context or be useful to someone else. The application allows you to quickly and easily archive, retrieve or share ideas

Expand and customize the application and its contents to focus on specific domains.

Check out the public beta for webkit browsers


and consulting

Interested in designing an innovative product or service? Enhancing your portfolio, messaging or business model to adapt to your customers' changing needs? Ideafy provides a complete range of services to help you make your transformations successful.

Brainstorming and ideation training

We facilitate ideation sessions customized to address your context and your needs. Not only will you get relevant content (ideas) but also tools, methods and materials to ensure you can run your own sessions going forward.

Duration: from 2hrs up to 2 days depending on the selected formula

Key steps: Preparation (agenda & design of customized content)

Workshops (ideation, solution concepts, business modeling, messaging & marketing)

Transcription (detailed report and session deliverables available in electronic format for easy sharing further works)


We adapt our software to your context and your environment so you can setup your own innovation platform internally or externally to match your innovation requirements.

We design and deliver content adapted to your needs and organization to make the tools even more efficient and the results relevant.


We can help you manage an innovative project or help your business setup an end-to-end innovation process focused on delivering actionable solutions and business results.

We can also assist you in creating an innovation ecosystem internal to your organization or open to external collaboration.


and our engagement

Looking to develop interactive and realtime web applications or websites? We provide the technology and facilities you need to quickly develop innovative applications and contents.

The right web at the right time

Innovative Web technologies for natively realtime applications

Our applications are real-time web applications based on HTML5, javascript and CSS3 standards. They are adapted to most modern browsers and tablet devices.

Our technology leverages a cloud environment and relies on Node.js™, javascript frameworks (such as require.js and, CouchDB, and last but not least, *Emily* and *Olives* to which we contributed. Emily and Olives drastically simplify the development of MVC applications and the construction of realtime UIs.

Both work with Node.js™ or locally with the web browser. They are published under MIT license.

We have also developed a library to interface emily with Couchdb, allowing you to easily manipulate data and views and rapidly integrate your application with the database.

But most importantly, Enjoy!


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